Pay in 4 with Klarna - Drops Only

We have partnered with Klarna so you can now Pay in 4 using the Klarna app. Download the Klarna app now and signup first to get ready for the drop.

1.  Download the Klarna app & create your Klarna account. This applies to US-based customers only.

2. Create a One-time Card.

DO NOT create your One-time Card until 24 hours before the drop, or the One-time Card will expire before the sale. For example, for a Monday release, don't make your card before 9AM Sunday morning. Load enough funds to cover taxes.

3. Open your Klarna app and go to where you can use your One-time Card for checkout.

FOR DRIPS ON TELFAR.TV: Scan the Klarna QR code on your mobile device & pay in the Klarna app.


What is a One-time Card?

A One-time card is a virtual single-use card to use for shopping at any US facing online store. Each time you create a One-time Card with Klarna, you will be given a unique card number that you can use in the checkout of the store, like any regular credit card. Each One-time Card then follows its own payment plan that you can pay and manage in the Klarna app or on

Why can't I use Klarna via regular checkout during the drop?

As you know, our drops move fast. We sell out in minutes and everyone is checking out at once. By downloading the Klarna app and preloading a One-time Card, you're giving yourself an equal chance to get the bag you want! The Klarna button won't be available at checkout during the drop, so make sure to load a One-time Card beforehand if you want to Pay in 4


Using the Klarna app to Pay in 4 with a One-time Card is encouraged but does not guarantee that you will secure a bag due to increased demand for our products.